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The NHL sports video games are a national institution with NHL 10 being the best of the hockey sports games released so far. Sports games are becoming more and more realistic and the NHL series, which is expected to outshine other similar online sports games for years to come, is no exception.

It’s hard to imagine that the NHL sports video games‘ series has been around for almost twenty years but NHL 10, released by EA Sports in 2009, was, in fact, the 18th annual game in this extremely popular hockey sports games‘ franchise. The NHL games have been on the market since 1991 and are simulated ice hockey sports games developed by EA Canada featuring the famous North American hockey teams in their quest to win the Stanley Cup. The NHL is now international, though, and later games have included teams from Germany, the Czech Republic, Finland and Sweden. NHL 10 has been developed with both single player and multiplayer modes and plays on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles.

NHL 10 has the talented Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks as its official spokesman and cover player and also has commentary by sports games‘ broadcasters Bill Clement and Gary Thorne. NHL 10 offers players many exciting new features ranging from strategic hockey tactics like precision passing and innovative new ways to score goals to the interactive atmosphere feature that includes towel-waving fans. The improved goalie intelligence features counters the increased playing skills the gamers have acquired, however, and there is also the post-whistle action feature where players can perform a multitude of actions after the referee has blown his whistle. But the best of the new features must be the Battle for The Cup mode where players can set up two teams to compete for the Stanley Cup in one of four types of elimination series: best of 1, 3, 5 or 7. NHL 10 also features an amazing sound track, including several songs that have not yet been released, and simply is one of the best sports games online today.

Online sports games just keep on going from strength to strength and, apart from the NHL franchise, other awesome sports video games‘ series developed by EA Sports include Madden Football, Tiger Woods Golf and NBA Live. All in all, it looks like the NHL franchise will be around for at least another twenty years.

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