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MLB Show has several features designed to keep the sports video gamer intrigued and entertained. There is the Exhibition game, Franchise Mode, Home Run Derby, Legend, and the player favorite Road to The Show. Exhibition Mode is the common “one game, two teams” game. The “Franchise” feature allows the player to take control of an entire team. Here, the player can control an entire 40 man roster, and, unlike other video and pc sports games, the player can make changes to their roster as well. Players may be claimed off waivers, options can be picked up or declined on players, etc… In essence, you are now the owner of this team, and can make changes as you see the need to! The Home Run Derby feature puts the player right in the middle of the All-Star home run hitting contest with all of today’s prolific sluggers. The Legends feature allows the player to play against some of the best players in the game. The most popular feature in MLB Show is the Road to The Show. This feature is nothing short of incredible. It allows the player to follow an entire baseball career, from the draft out of high school or college, through the minor leagues, into the big leagues, and to the coveted World Series. Anyone who ever dreamt as a child of one day becoming a professional baseball player will appreciate and enjoy Road to The Show. Each player will have predetermined goals set throughout his or her “career”, and and as goals are accomplished, the player will improve, stats will improve, and players will witness a superstar develop before their very eyes. Since it is a long season, there are also batting practice and base running practice features to help bring players out of “slumps”.

As with most sports video games today, there is an online feature, and, unlike other online sports games, the player can even concede a game if they are really taking a beating.

MLB Show has become the standard to which all other sports video games are now measured against. It delivers on its promise to keep the players entertained, and is sure to remain a fan favorite.

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