Social Gaming

Just within the last year, social gaming has absolutely revolutionized the world of social media and gaming alike by letting friends connect over easy, casual games that let gamers interact in a fun, lighthearted manner.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft’s detailed gaming style, rich lore, and vibrant player culture make it stand alone among the top fantasy video games.

Casual Gaming

Unlike the big name video games that attract so much media attention,casual gaming is perfect for the busy professional or parent who does not have hours of free time available to spend on complex and challenging video games.


Playdom is a social gaming company that specializes in developing games for social networking sites.

Social Games
Social Games


With the rise of computerized social networking, it only made sense that, like with every technological advance, games would arise to take advantage of the unique situation provided by sites like Facebook and Twitter.
Social Games
Social Games


Chances are, if you have a Facebook or MySpace account, you’ve seen games by Playfish, Zynga and Playdom being played by your friends or family.

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