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Of all of the first person shooter games that are currently on the market, Half Life has by far one of most interesting storylines. Half Life is written on the premise of a dimensional rift that has created a portal into another dimension, and players must battle increasingly difficult beasts in order to complete a series of interesting missions. While this is one of those shooting games where the action is broken up by story telling, the Half Life download still offers plenty of serious shooting action.

The Half Life series began with the release of first game back in 1998. Although the graphics in this early game seem a little crude by today’s standards, the first Half Life was far ahead of its time and remains one of the more popular shooting games for less advanced computers. The original Half Life was later followed by a sequel in 2004, as well as a handful of expansion packs and episodic games. The majority of the gameplay takes place at the labyrinth-like Black Mesa Research Facility in New Mexico, and the protagonist of the series is theoretical physicist Dr. Gordon Freeman


Whether you are playing shooter games online or battling the bad guys on first person shooter downloadable games, action packed games like Half Life are a great way to blow off some steam. There is nothing quite like taking on a hoard of unworldly monsters with an automatic weapon to take the edge off of a long, hard day. Games like Half Life also offer challenging scenarios in which a fair amount of cunning and patience are required for mission success. However, Half Life is driven by a captivating premise that makes it a considerably more interesting game to play than shooting games that are just about blasting away at opponents. Instead, Half Life introduces players to a whole world of its own that is as complex and involving as a good science fiction novel with opponents that are so well programed that they require a fair amount of thought to defeat. Gamers who enjoy Half Life might also enjoy other classic first person shooter such as Kill Zone, Left for Dead and Rainbow Six.

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