Red Dead Redemption

A Classic Revisited

Read Dead Redemption does for the Old West what Medal of Honor does for the modern military combat genre. Video game reviews describe Red Dead Redemption as one of the best open world games available in video game stores today, combining the top tier appeal of games like Halo: Reach, NBA 2K11, Madden 11, and Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions with the modern parody of Rockstar’s other star title, Grand Theft Auto. Read on to find out how Red Dead Redemption’s video game ratings in just about every magazine in the world justify giving this Old West title a try.

Reviewers all over the world are raving about how Red Dead Redemption redefines the open world RPG genre with a highly detailed story heavy game that lets you do anything you can imagine in an Old West setting. While the story of Red Dead Redemptions starts out with the “outlaw going good” Old West trope at its finest, the ongoing game gets deeper and more interesting in a way that will impress even the most jaded gamer. Video game ratings universally place Red Dead Redemption among the top open world games available today, making it a must have title for any serious gamer.

While no open world RPG can match the replay value of popular repeatable sports titles like Madden 11 and NBA 2K11, Red Dead Redemption offers so many options that most review sites claim gamers who start playing will stay busy for months trying to explore all of what this game has to offer. Red Dead Redemption offers a wide variety of downloadable content that can change the game with minor video game cheats and major story redesigns for gamers who start getting bored with the original game, adding new areas for team play and even a section full of zombies.

Red Dead Redemption is available for both the XBox 360 and the PS3, so most gamers interested in giving it a try can find a copy that will work for them at local video game stores. The morality system in Red Dead Redemption allows for actions that span from hero to outlaw with player actions determining the course of the game, earning it a mature rating.

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