Medal of Honor

The New Medal of Honor Game

This holiday season has presented video gamers with a nearly unprecedented array of hotly anticipated titles including, NBA 2k11, Madden 11, and Halo: Reach. One title, Medal of Honor has garnered huge attention from both gamers and politicians.

The latest addition to the Medal of Honor represents a major change for the franchise, taking it out of WW2 and placing in the current U.S. conflict in Afghanistan. This represents a major shift for EA and direct challenge to very popular Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series.

While video game reviews praised the single player campaign mode for its attention to detail and gritty effects, it’s the multi player side of the game that has garnered the most attention. Some critics and politicians chided the EA for offering an option to play as a Taliban soldier fighting against U.S. forces. Some video game stores on U.S. military bases even refused to initially stock the title. EA tweaked the game after politicians in Washington D.C. complained loudly.

Like a lot of recent hit games such as Halo: Reach and Fallout: New Vegas, Medal of Honor heavily emphasizes the multiplayer side of the game. While, exciting and original, the single player campaign is relatively short. Game play follows the lives of Special Forces, or Tier One Operators, who work far behind enemy lines with little outside support.

Medal of Honor is the first video game to take players to the battlefields of an ongoing conflict. EA worked closely with Special Forces veterans to bring as much authenticity as possible to the game. That effort pays off in some stunning visuals that make players almost feel the dust particles and blowing winds Afghanistan is famous (or infamous) for.

In multiplayer mode, gamers can choose from a huge array of weapons that are painstakingly designed to mimic their real life counterparts. Of course, in real life soldiers don’t have access to video game cheats to provide them with unlimited ammunition.

With a lot of solid competition in the FPS market, Medal of Honor is a stand out game. When year end video game ratings are compiled, Medal of Honor will definitely be on a lot of top ten lists.

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