Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Lords of Shadow – Castlevania Is Alive And Kicking

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is a complete makeover of the classic Castlevania series. Like Halo: Reach, NBA 2K11, and Madden 11, it comes from a family of games known for their long-term popularity in the gaming community. Video game cheats by the hundreds exist for this popular game and video game stores were ecstatic that the series was returning to retail. The video game ratings for the game placed it as something for a more mature audience, but that’s no problem since a large portion of Castlevania’s players came from earlier generation consoles.

Video game reviews for the middle-ages set Castlevania proved to be high, something that bucks the trend of franchises as old as this one. Halo: Reach, Fallout: New Vegas, and Medal of Honor have also been in the game for a long time and their current editions are doing well in video game stores across the country, too. It seems that gamers love to get new versions of old classics and most of the time these new editions do justice to the classics they descended from.

Gamers are older now and can appreciate their old favorites being transported into the modern era, where graphics are king but the storyline still remains strong from their old favorites. Many people were looking forward to this reincarnation of the Castlevania franchise and for the most part, there was no disappointment. There are a lot of high emotions and sentiments surrounding classic games like this, but since the new game paid its respects to the old classic, gamers appear to be pleased at its arrival.

Things change quickly in the gaming world and there’s no way to predict the lasting legacy that this game will have on the franchise, if any, but for now, there are many gamers out there that are enjoying this latest adventure and all the thrills and surprises that it brings with it. Everyone can buy the game in stores now and find out what’s going on in the new game and just how the series has evolved into its current form. Chances are that new editions will follow in the years ahead and hopefully they will stay true to the spirit of the old games in the same way that Lords of Shadow did.

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