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Rock Band Guitar

Fancy yourself a musician? Love to sing, but rarely do it outside the shower? Rock Band is a new video game that will let you sing, play drums, and play the rock band guitar. Each new video game release features different songs from a wide variety of artists.

Music games are gaining in popularity. The game store shelves are lined with titles like Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero, and Rock Band. All new video games need a hook — something that makes you pass the others by and reach for it. Rock Band allows you to start out easy. As your skill increases, you can change the difficulty level. You can go on concert tour, create your own music set from the songs you’ve unlocked, or play in practice mode to work on certain parts of a song that give you trouble. The new release video game, The Beatles Rock Band, features a replica of the bass guitar used by Paul McCartney and animations that take you back to the days of psychedelics and the nights of diamond skies. This new video game release supports multiple vocalists and even allows you to play an instrument and sing at the same time — but be prepared that this feat takes some practice. A replica of John Lennon’s guitar is also available.

As with many new video games there is an active online community of enthusiasts. For mostNew/Current video games like World of WarCraft and Everquest the social aspect of the game is an important draw. And Rock Band is no exception. In Rock Band you can play solo or form a band with your friends. You can also compete in face-to-face competition or join a virtual competition online.

Regardless of whether you prefer classic rock, grunge, heavy metal, or even country music, there are Rock Band games and track packs to fit your style. Rock Band is available for Nintendo WII, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 3. So pick up your microphone, twirl your drumsticks, grab your Rock Band guitar and jam.

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