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From the first computer, to the computers we use today, PC gaming systems have evolved, and so have the games developed for them. PCs and PC gaming have changed dramatically since the first computer, made in 1975. Desktop computers eventually evolved into consoles and handheld gaming systems.

The first PC gaming computer was originally released by Commodore in 1977. They partnered up with MOS Technology, Inc. and created the first PC, and the first PC gaming system, the Commodore PET series. It was a single-board computer with a small, built-in monochrome monitor. The PET also included a built-in Datassette, originally meant for data storage, but was later used for games. The first computers had very little data storage compared to today’s massive hard drive space. The PET 2001 allowed for 4 or 8 kilobytes of space, and cost $495 to $795 respectively.

Most early games were only about 10 to 15 kilobytes in size, and were made for some of the later Commodore PET systems. Microchess was one of the first pc games released to the public in 1977, and was 1024 bytes, or 1 kilobyte in size. It sold 50,000 copies worldwide and was published exclusively on Datassette. Though originally created for the MOS Technology KIM-1 microcomputer, it was later released for public use on the Commodore PET, Apple II, and Atari 400/800. Like Colossal Cave Adventure, released in 1976, it was a text game that used MS-DOS, and used simple descriptions such as “THERE IS FOOD HERE” and “YOU ARE INSIDE A BUILDING.” It also used simple typed commands such as left, right, up, down, and go in.

As games started to evolve, textual commands with basic graphics were combined. Games such as The Legend of Zelda, released in 1986, and Contra, released in 1987, helped the world truly discover console gaming PCs. They showed the world that games could be visually experienced, instead of their previous, text only style.

Information about classic games such as these mentioned above, and new games, can be found in most PC gaming magazines, as well as online, using any search engine. As games continue to evolve beyond the initial creators’ wildest dreams, the world watches and waits to see what stunning adventures gaming PCs will offer in the future.

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