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World Of Warcraft Paladin Guide

World of Warcraft’s detailed gaming style, rich lore, and vibrant player culture make it stand alone among the top fantasy video games.

A player of World of Warcraft can build a character from two factions (Alliance or Horde) and a variety of races and classes. This character will become the player’s avatar as they play the fantasy video game. One class called the Paladin is playable as Horde or Alliance. In “Vanilla Wow” Paladins were only available to Alliance just as the Shaman class was only available to the Horde. In the expansion pack “Burning Crusade” Blizzard Entertainment made Blood Elf Paladins available to the Horde and Draenei Shamans available to the Alliance. This expansion pack and the upcoming expansion pack, “Cataclysm”, are an essential part of bringing players new content and helps secure World of Warcraft a top spot on the list of best fantasy video games.

Paladins are a classic role found in many fantasy video games. Paladins in WoW are one-man armies. They’re a hybrid class that can fulfill all three roles essential to any successful dungeon or raid team: tank, healer, and damage dealer. Damage dealers are called “dps” (short for damage per second) by those in the gaming community. The tank takes the beating from the monsters. Damage dealers kill the monsters and healers are responsible for keeping everyone alive. This cooperative play is what makes online fantasy games so unique. WoW’s paladins are often reported as being “over-powered”, but this shouldn’t be taken to mean they’re easy to play. The big difference between a “scrub” who “facerolls” his way through an instance and a skilled player is information. Reading a good world of warcraft paladin guide can help a player understand the difference between a paladin’s judgments, blessings, auras and spells. A good paladin class guide can suggest gear, glyphs, item enchantments, and how to disperse talent points. Every Holy Paladin (the healing paladin) needs to understand the best use of Beacon of Light. Every Protection Paladin (the tanking paladin) needs to command what is called the “3/9/3 spell rotation” to ensure they’re holding the most threat possible. Retribution Paladins (the dps paladin) need to understand their skills to produce the most damage possible.

Although World of Warcraft is the most popular MMORPG, there are other enjoyable fantasy games such as Final Fantasy, and WWE Smackdown vs Raw that all contain their own unique player culture.

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