Super Mario Brothers

Super Mario Brothers Classic Video Games

Admit it: you love Super Mario Brothers. It’s one of Nintendo’s best selling video games of all time, and for good reason. Compared to other classic video games, Super Mario Brothers comes out on top with its simple yet compelling gameplay.

Super Mario Brothers was originally released by Nintendo in 1985 for its NES game console. It was followed by a series of Super Mario Brothers classic video games, including Super Mario Brothers: The Lost Levels, Super Mario Brothers 2, and Super Mario Brothers 3. These games, along with other classic NES games, can be found on sites offering classic arcade games online.

Super Mario Brothers competed with classic arcade games in more than one way. Not only could you play as Mario or Luigi at home, chances were you’d run into a Super Mario Brothers cabinet game if you headed out to an arcade. The cabinet game, titled Vs. Super Mario Brothers, differed from the console game in several small but important ways. Although the gameplay was virtually identical, changes such as narrowed platforms made the cabinet game more difficult.

The plot of Super Mario Brothers was simple. The player, as either Mario or Luigi, had to navigate through several levels to defeat Bowser and his henchmen and save Princess Toadstool. Mario used a jump attack to defeat the two most common enemies in the game: Goombas, which were shaped like mushrooms, and Koopa Troopas, which were shaped like turtles. Jumping on Goombas immediately defeats them, while Koopa Troopas retreat into their shells and can then be used as projectiles.

Once a player made their way through all eight levels, they had to fight Bowser himself to save the Princess. Once this was done, the Princess gave the option to continue further into the game by accepting a more difficult quest. This quest was virtually identical to the game the player had just beaten, with some changes to make gameplay more difficult.

Are you nostalgic yet? Tear yourself away from your XBox360, save your Viva Pinata game, and take a break from playing modern games. With sites offering a multitude of online video games you can again play classic games such as Super Mario Brothers or Pacman!

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