Big Brain Academy

Big Brain Academy Nintendo

Big Brain Academy is part of the new wave of video games for fans of casual gaming. These games aim to appeal to people that wouldn’t normally play video games. Big Brain Academy is a casual game for people who enjoy games revolving around mental dexterity.

Puzzle games are very popular, whether it’s solving riddles in the highly addictive Professor Layton and the Curious Village or playing the other popular brain game Brain Age. As far as Big Brain Academy goes, its aim is to throw puzzles your way, while requiring you to solve them at a fast pace. While Professor Layton and the Curious Village gives you unlimited time to solve its puzzles, Big Brain Academy is looking to improve your thinking skills.

The main goal is to exercise your brain. Consider it cerebral fitness. The game gives you 15 unique activities to tackle focusing on sharpening your skills in logic, memory, math and general analysis.

Games such as Big Brain Academy fall under the category of Casual Gaming because you can pick up the game, play for as little or as long as you like, and move on. The game saves your progress and also charts your “brain weight”. As the title suggests, you are trying to achieve a big brain.

Casual gaming means it appeals to everyone. People of all ages and gender can play the game. One appealing aspect of these games is also the fact that you can chart your progress as you go along. The game shows you on a daily basis how well you are doing. Plus, if you’re having difficulty there is a practice mode where you can train without pressure or fear that the game will think you’ve got a tiny little brain.

Gamers that play all the time will also find themselves addicted to the game. The appeal truly is universal and doesn’t just aim to reach the casual gaming community. Big Brain Academy is a wildly popular game where you have fun, test your skills, and improve your brain power. Who knows? You just might learn something.

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