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If you’re a fan of online adventure games why not go with one of the originals. Tomb Raider ushered in the era of 3D action games full of mind bending puzzles and labyrinth level design.[

In the popular genre of Action/Adventure Games Tomb Raider ranks among one of the greatest. While most games were content with having the hero run from point A to point B in a straight linear path, Tomb Raider allowed the acrobatic, proportionally inaccurate heroine, Lara Croft, to explore large areas in whatever order she chose. This gave the player more freedom and made the game world less claustrophobic.

Many sites online offer free online adventure games as well as free online action games but Tomb Raider is an action/adventure hybrid that mixes both together seamlessly.

Current free roaming games such as the immensely popular role playing game Elder Scrolls Oblivion as well as action shooters like Fall Out 3 owe a lot to Tomb Raider for paving the way and making these types of games popular and mainstream.

What people love about Tomb Raider is its playability, intuitive controls, vibrant and unique look, and its ever increasing difficulty level. Once you’ve worked your way out of one tough jam, you’ll walk (or leap) right into a newer one of equal or greater challenge. Exploration is also encouraged, and proves to be rewarding as you can find hidden treasures and other collectibles that are tallied at the end of each level. The replay value thereby increases as players strive to achieve all the goals in the fast time. This is an aspect that many games today use, but was not commonplace when Tomb Raider burst on the scene.

Tomb Raider spawned numerous sequels and remakes and continues to be a popular and profitable franchise. It is a game with universal appeals making it a great game for players young and old.

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