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In this generation of gaming, players demand excellence from upcoming video games, and they will receive it in the sequel to Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2. Mass Effect 2 is shaping up to be one of the best upcoming video games next year. Its release rivals upcoming new video games, such as Bioshock 2, Assassin’s Creed 2, and Left For Dead 2.

Mass Effect 2 once more features Commander Shepard as the daring human lead. The sequel will include the ability to continue your character from the first game, as well as creating a brand new character if you desire. Mass Effect 2 will also include the original cast from Mass Effect. If you’ve lost characters along the way however, they won’t be re-appearing in the sequel. BioWare is adding several new characters too, and a mysterious new species that has yet to be announced.

Like its predecessor, there are many ways your story can progress in Mass Effect 2. Unlike the first game though, your actions can have dire consequences, such as Shepard being poisoned, assassinated, or murdered. Players must be mindful of their choices and think of the importance of each as they foray into this darker universe.

BioWare learned a lot from their first role-playing shooter, and have contributed new ideas and designs to help improve their second, such as heavy weapons and armor. There’s almost three times the amount of weapons in Mass Effect 2 to play with.

From the overall feel of shooting and using bionics, to the artificial intelligence being more responsive, Bioware has altered and improved many game mechanics. Mass Effect 2 will include realistic damage like blood and broken bones, so expect much more graphic encounters. Along with more gore, your character will have over 200 facial and movement animations in this game, instead of the simple 20 in the first. Bioware has also incorporated a health regeneration system, so you won’t have to rely on ‘medi-gel’ as frequently to heal your character.

As far as new releases are concerned, EA and BioWare have combined their skills to deliver an amazing experience. As new release video games always have new revelations, Mass Effect 2 information is still being released, so keep listening for news.

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